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This website showcases my personal collection of Australian automobile association car badges. I have displayed some of the rarer and more unusual badges of associations and clubs long gone in the first three pages, and I am now progressively uploading pictures of badges of those State-based associations and clubs which are still in existence today. Where appropriate, I have also provided a short description or history of the organisation represented by the badges. Most of this research comes from previously published information, but my own efforts have unearthed much of the history of some of the lesser known clubs, knowledge of which was previously unavailable to the car badge collecting community. My collection of Australian automobile association badges is one of the most complete, but there are still a few known badges which I don't have, so the thrill of the chase is still there!

Although not a complete collection of Australian automobile club badges, I hope this web site will be a useful resource for other collectors and those interested in Australia's motoring history.

The collection includes badges from the automobile clubs of the various states and territories of Australia, including the Royal Automobile Club of Australia (RACA), the RACQ, RACV, RAC Western Australia, RAC Tasmania, Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA), NRMA of New South Wales, Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and the Automobile Association of the Northern Territory (AANT). There are also many rare and unusual badges from other clubs formed in the early days of motoring in this country, all of which have passed into history through amalgamation with larger clubs or which failed to grow to meet the needs of their members.


In identifying my badges I have used the references contained in that excellent book "The World of Car Badges" by Jan Särnesjö, as this is the most authoritative publication on car badges of world automobile clubs. For clubs not listed in that reference guide I have used my own reference nomenclature. All of the photographs are unretouched pictures of the badges. In collecting historical objects such as car badges, some of which exceed 100 years old, I prefer to keep them in "as found" condition other than for some gentle cleaning, rather than having them restored. In many cases these badges spent decades mounted on the front of automobiles and were subjected to damage from road use. I believe this is part of their story.

All of the material in this web site, including text and pictures, is the copyright of the author except where otherwise indicated and reproduction is prohibited without express permission. Enquiries to reproduce any material contained herein should be made by email to enquiries@carbadge.info.

The fob badge illustrated above is the only known relic of the Commonwealth Motorists Association, an early Australian automobile club described on the page "Rare Badges & Clubs 1".


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Last updated 20th September 2011.